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App-Store for Local Government
"Think iTunes or Google Play"

Welcome to LocoSOFT, the software sharing community for Local Government in New Zealand.
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The community is open to all Councils in New Zealand. If you are new to the idea and want to know more read on...

At a time when Councils are under increasing pressure to deliver more for less, the LocoSOFT community offers the means for Councils to cheaply leverage the work of one Council for the benefit of all.

Many Councils have developed point-solution applications that they are happy to share with other Councils. However, it is difficult for others to make use of them due to the fact that initial development is focused on making an application fit for purpose in a specific Council's IT environment. No one has the capacity to turn these applications into "products" that would be easy to set up in alternative environments. Similarly, experience has shown, that retrofitting one Council's raw, single-environment-ready application into another environment is too difficult for any individual Council.

LocoSOFT is an innovative software-sharing platform that offers the means for a consortium of Councils to share the development cost of turning council-specific applications into environment-agnostic 'products' that can be easily deployed into multiple environments.

Further explanation is given in a Prezi presentation here
Algim: Association of Local Government Information Management Inc.